It’s Band Day Again!

Noblesville Marching Miller Seniors line up for a group photograph during the Ice Cream Social event Wednesday night.

For the 4th straight year we are headed to the Indiana State Fairgrounds to enjoy an entire day of marching band entertainment.

We will enjoy bands of every size and caliber throughout the day…all playing with the hope of making it into the Sweet Sixteen and the all-important Night Show.

Band Day is the culmination of many hard hours of work for these kids.  Nearly 50 bands, ranging in size from a dozen kids to more than 200 have invested hundreds of hours marching, playing, shouting and this summer, sweating.  They’ve run drills, completed jumping jacks and push ups.  They’ve stood at attention and memorized formations.  In short, they’ve given their all to these events.

And so, today we will see who has the best show.  We will learn which group can out-perform the others.  Today is the day many of these kids have been preparing for all summer.

Good Luck, Marching Millers!