Dancing the Night Away

We’ve truly enjoyed living in Noblesville; if for no other reason than the performing and visual arts programs at the Noblesville schools.  Over the years, our kids have been in musicals, dramas, choral groups, string ensembles, concert bands, marching bands and jazz bands.

Last night was another amazing example of the talent and hard work these kids dedicate to their art.  Their directors help them shine.

Below are a few pictures of the fantastic performances that the audience was privileged to enjoy.

ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Success

The ensemble poses for the cameras following their Gold-winning performance.
Members of the ensemble pose for the cameras following their Gold-winning performance.

Benjamin realized another benchmark in his high school career.  His trumpet choir, Heralds of the Mill, performed for this year’s Solo and Ensemble competition at North Central High School in Indianapolis.

Receiving a great score in the local performance, they earned a spot in the State Competition where they played very well and earned another Gold.

This is a self-directed project and the kids did a great job.

Good job, kids!

Back To School…Just One More Time

Ben. First Day. Senior Year.
He always knew how to dress for the occasion.

Our youngest is now a senior in high school and we took the last “First Day of School” picture of his career.  To be honest, it was a day of mixed emotions.  How is it possible that we are still so young but our kids have gotten so old?

I’m thinking it is a metaphysical question that can’t be answered here.  But I believe it has something to do with a time-space continuum.

It’s Band Day Again!

Noblesville Marching Miller Seniors line up for a group photograph during the Ice Cream Social event Wednesday night.

For the 4th straight year we are headed to the Indiana State Fairgrounds to enjoy an entire day of marching band entertainment.

We will enjoy bands of every size and caliber throughout the day…all playing with the hope of making it into the Sweet Sixteen and the all-important Night Show.

Band Day is the culmination of many hard hours of work for these kids.  Nearly 50 bands, ranging in size from a dozen kids to more than 200 have invested hundreds of hours marching, playing, shouting and this summer, sweating.  They’ve run drills, completed jumping jacks and push ups.  They’ve stood at attention and memorized formations.  In short, they’ve given their all to these events.

And so, today we will see who has the best show.  We will learn which group can out-perform the others.  Today is the day many of these kids have been preparing for all summer.

Good Luck, Marching Millers!

The Music Must Continue

My son, Ben has rhythm in his soul.  He loves music of nearly any and every kind.  He plays multiple instruments.  He dances whenever possible.  He grooves to the beat.  And so, when Noblesville High School throws its annual “MayFest”, Ben is in the thick of it.  He plays in the Jazz Band, performs for Open Mic, and rocks the stage with NHS Singers.

It was a really long day but one that was full of fantastic music, talented kids, and great entertainment.  Take a moment and take a listen to this fantastic piece from the Jazz Band.  Ben is the trumpet player on the far right.  He’s the one who is in constant motion!

Enjoy.  I did.