A Visit to the Shedd

A poisonous frog poses for a perfect picture.

We took a trip to Chicago this past week and made our way to the world-famous Shedd Aquarium.  Can I just say, “Wow”?


Thanks.  I’m glad I got this off my chest.

The Shedd Aquarium is an amazing place and if you hadn’t already guessed, it’s full of fish.  But in August, before school starts, it is the wrong place to be on a sunny summer afternoon.  Because it is also full of 20,000 people packed into this fish bowl.  As a result, we waited in line for more than a 1/2 an hour just to get in the doors.  Once at the ticket booth we found 37 different options and combinations for entry (thus the long line).  We could get the basic, basic plus the movie, basic plus the jellies, the basic plus, the plus-is-more, the plus-is-more plus the jellies, etc.  It took a scientific calculator just to figure out which option would work best for our group.

The Shedd is an amazing place and I highly recommend it…on a day in February when no one else is there.  Save your pennies and spring for the Aquatic Show.  It isn’t Sea World but it is fascinating to see the handlers work with the dolphins and beluga whales.

The central tank is my favorite place to see the fish.  If you are lucky enough to be there when they feed the marine life, you are in for a real treat.