Day 64 – A Thing of Beauty

2013.04.26After a very long week of work and two or three long weeks without spending time away with my lovely wife, we FINALLY took an evening for ourselves.

It was a wonderful evening, enjoying Final Fridays at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, quiet conversation, and a wonderful dinner at Macaroni Grill.

We actually stayed out past 9:00 o’clock.  Yes, we are that wild and crazy couple.

The funny thing is that during our evening out, we remembered something  that we’ve remembered a hundred times before:  We Are All We Have and This Relationship Takes Time and Intention.

So often, way too often, we spend all our energies on the kids, the house, the yard, our work, our parents…but forget to spend time on what matters most – Our Relationship.  We fail to listen.  We forget to talk.  We pass one another quickly in the morning.  We land at home in the evening, breathless and tired, without really spending time together.

Our relationship, when it is at its worst, happens by accident.  Our relationship, at its best, happens when we slow down, put aside those things that will be there tomorrow or are not important at all, and look at one another closely, listen carefully, and love deeply.

My wife and I looked at a piece of modern art on the 4th floor of the IMA.  We analyzed it for a while and then she said with a laugh, “I really don’t like this…I just think that I could do that…if I wanted to.”  And I had to agree with her.  It seemed too simple.  It appeared too random.  But, the more we looked at the canvas, the color, the shapes, the brush strokes…the more we saw the subtle changes of direction, the amazing layers of color that were not accidental but, in fact intentional.  Some areas were thick with medium built up over days, weeks and months.  Others were thin to the point of exposing the raw canvas.  After a few more careful minutes of inspection, we realized that this piece of art took many, many hours and years of practice.  It didn’t happen by accident.  It could only be successful because of the intentionality and plan of the artist.  We stepped back with a fresh perspective and we both agreed that this was a nice piece of art.

I’m thankful for the times when our relationship receives the same careful attention.  The outcome is always a work of art.

Day 50 – No Picture For You!

This is weird, I know.  But for the first time in a VERY long time, I did not take a picture today.

I didn’t take a picture of my dog, my yard, my food, myself or the sky.

But you only have to know my week and this Friday, specifically, to understand.  This was a killer of a week at my work.  We were running 100 mph and I wasn’t even able to snap a shot with my cell phone.  I went from meeting to meeting, never stopping for a break.  I performed work-related tasks and data entry without a bite of lunch.  I went on to our small group and was out late into the evening…

And I never once thought about the camera, the picture, capturing a moment.

And this informed me.  A lack of picture also instructed me that I lacked direction today.  I allowed the day to control me, instead of me controlling the day.

I didn’t have purpose in my food.  I didn’t have purpose in my activity.  I didn’t have purpose in my movement.  I responded rather than planned.  I reacted rather than act.

That is now way to live.  I am the captain of this ship.  I am the master of my soul.  It is up to me to determine the course of my days…even the most hectic of days.

Day 49 – Enjoying the Sky

2013.04.11I spend much of my life looking to the sky.  There is nothing that means more to me than a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Cloud formations bring me to a stop.  Constellations get my attention.  Formations of geese, ducks or crane give me pause.

I love looking up.

But this can often result in awkward moments.  Like when I fall over a crack in the sidewalk because my eyes were gazing to the sky, instead of watching the journey of my feet.

That’s really what this Journey to 50 is about, right?  I can’t dream that my body will have a different shape.  I have to pay attention to each step along the way.  I have to concentrate on the path before me, rather than liking the idea and allowing my feet to wander where the prettiest sky might be.

While I’ve stumbled a bit…I still have maintained my weight.  Over the past few months of 2012, my size slowly increased.  A pound was added here, an inch there.  But for the past 6 weeks, I’ve lost and maintained my weight!  I am moving more and eating less and pretty soon, my Journey will be headed in the right direction!