Happy Anniversary

IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘ve been writing a blog for nearly ten years.  October 2004 was the first post of Austin’s Acre.  Three years ago today I switched from Blogger to Word Press and in that short amount of time I’ve received over 28,000 hits on my site.  Sure, some of the traffic is nothing more than well-developed spam. Other visitors were nothing more lost web browsers looking for the Scottish cartoon character from Bugs Bunny.  But most were people who were interested in the short stories and little insights that I write. 

Over the past three years I’ve written humorous observations and posted beautiful photography.  I’ve commented on society, reviewed books, movies, and restaurants.  I’ve even documented some travel from time to time.  I’ve laughed at myself and others and along the way I’ve looked for the good in most and attempted to reflect God’s love to all. 

You may be one of the faithful followers of the Acre or you might have just wandered in looking for instructions on how to cook the perfect roasted chicken.  Either way, you are more than welcome.  Poke around.  Look for something interesting.  Make a comment.  The next ten years promise to be just as rich (and diverse) as the first ten.

Mostly, stick around for what is up next.  You won’t want to miss it.

Day 227 – Why I Do What I Do

2013.10.08 - TuesdaySomething amazing happened today.  I was walking into work and someone I’ve known for a couple years mentioned that they follow this blog and have for quite some time.  Can I say that I was completely blown away?  Okay, I will.  I was completely blown away!

I write because it is a form of expression.  Much like my photography and my artwork, my blogs (five and counting) are creative outlets and I can’t imagine life without them.  My writing is a way for me to process my observations.  It is a way for me to wrap my mind around the events of the day, the activities of the world, and the observations I make of people.  I realize people read this stuff but lately I’ve had several people remind me that it impacts their lives as well.

And so, at 7:00 pm on a beautiful evening, I’m writing…In part because Dianna and Annie and Michelle and my therapist say I should.  In part, because it is a balm to my soul.  In part, because I wouldn’t know what else to do with all these thoughts swirling around in my head.

I may not be a svelte 180 lbs of muscle or have the cholesterol of a 20-year-old, but I can tell a tale and paint a picture with words.

And I think I’ll keep it up for a little while longer.